A Night at the (Circus) Museum – (Based on T.A.P.S. and the Clown Ghost)

 This story is part 3 of 3 in the series T.A.P.S. and the Clown Ghost

A Night at the (Circus) Museum (Based on “T.A.P.S. and the Clown Ghost)             (T.A.P.S. is a registered trademark of The Atlantic Paranormal Society.  Ghost Hunters is a registered trademark of Pilgrim Films, SyFy Channel and NBC Universal.  No profit is garnered in any way through their use.) For the first time in her first week on the job, Marlena had finally been turned loose in The Florida Circus Museum.  She had taken the job as an overnight security guard while home from college this … Continue reading

The Abbeyway Bully Turns

Following on from The Abbeyway Revenge  - the bully Jennifer shows her true colors by kidnapping Hilary and subjecting Caroline to a series of evil, messy games. Will she win her lover back or suffer humiliation and the ultimate mess? ————————————————————————————— Hilary sighed. Jennifer was standing before her having mucked out all of her horses, cleaned her tack and done all of her chores. This was such a reversal for the girl who had previously been a bully and had abused Hilary. It had taken Hilary’s friend … Continue reading

The Wedding chapter 2

 This story is part 2 of 2 in the series The Wedding chapter 1

Donald & Pauline Wedding Chapter 2 WAM Anticpation: Ken: This story in of a series part 2 of 2 These contain the following items, Wet Clothing, Sex, mud, and other messy things. Chapter 2:  The day after the wedding Right after the two newlyweds departed for their honeymoon Jim and Helen started moving around the garden area chatting with the remaining guest.  Helen looked over and saw her friend Bonnie and her two lovely companions and a few moments later she greeted them and commented … Continue reading

Darcie In: Trash the MILF

 This story is part 31 of 31 in the series Darcie

Trash the MILF Darcie’s mom finally gives in.             It’s Darcie again.  I know some of you want to see some other stories, but I can’t help it if I’m Wetgalfan’s favorite character.  I think he may finally be ready to go back and visit Amber’s universe, but for now, you get me. In case you’re wondering, things are going really well for Kellie and Johnny.  They spent the rest of the holiday weekend in a motel near the mud park, venturing out a couple … Continue reading

Mike’s Amazing Life: Part 4

 This story is part 4 of 4 in the series Mike's Amazing Life

So, if you’ve read the first three parts of this series, you’ll understand how incredibly happy I am at the moment. I can’t believe that more than 12 years have passed since I first got the then 19-year-old Lynzey in my bathtub at that small student house in London. There she was, smiling, barefoot and perfectly willing to take multiple pies in the face. Even once she realised I was getting a kick from it, it only made her enjoy the experience even more. It’s … Continue reading

Darcie Presents: Kellie’s Big Date

 This story is part 30 of 31 in the series Darcie

Kellie’s Big Date (Or What Happens When You Give a Guy Your Number Covered in Mud)             Hi, Guys!  Darcie here!  Yes, I know the story is supposed to be about Kellie but remember whose series this is!  Anyway, Kellie and Johnny did go out that evening after we stood by the puddle in the rain acting like total morons.  Like she said, it was just dinner. A few nights later, they went out to a movie and after got run out of Copperas Branch … Continue reading

The Wedding chapter 1

 This story is part 1 of 2 in the series The Wedding chapter 1

Donald & Pauline Wedding chapter 1 WAM Anticpation :  Ken This is last of the Pauline Stories their are only 2 chapter:   Please I would like your input of the stories so if you have the time to contact me by email: This series contains all kinds of messy and erotic fun, along with sex and water mud, wet clothing,  food and messy fun. The Wedding With a few days left before the wedding Helen had started to get things organized in her new home, all … Continue reading

Ginger’s Odyssey: Chapter 12 and 13

 This story is part 9 of 9 in the series Ginger's Odyssey

Author’s note: There is no WAM in Chapter 12, and a nominal amount in Chapter 13, as the focus is more plot-oriented which develops the series.  Don’t worry, in the remaining chapters the prior intense WAM of the prior installments will return.  Mike ———- Chapter 12 In the evening, Alex walked along the hallway leading to Ginger’s guest room.  The door was partially ajar, and she gave it a quick knock before stepping into the room. “Baby, you here?” she asked. The ticking of the … Continue reading

Donald and Pauline New Home final chapter part 14

 This story is part 14 of 14 in the series Donald and Pauline new home

Donald & Pauline New Home Chapter 14 WAM Amticpation: Ken: This story in of a series part 14 of 14 This contain the following items, Tar, Oil, Paint, Gump, mud, clothing ripping Water, and sex. Chapter 14:  A New Home As we pulled back into the complex, I shook my head and looking toward that stupid gate that would not opened and close properly, and Jim commented that the engineer from the gate company would be here shortly to fix it. I replied OK. Donald … Continue reading

The Adventures of Penelope Van der Splat – Episode 4: Penelope Goes to the Circus

 This story is part 4 of 4 in the series The Adventures of Penelope Van der Splat

The Adventures of Penelope Van der Splat Penelope Goes to the Circus             Penelope Van der Splat was a spoiled little rich girl.  Her daddy had always given her the very best of everything.  Her on-again-off-again relationship with Warren Gobsocash was “on again”.  Warren was a nice enough boyfriend and he did buy her lots of expensive presents, but poor Penelope couldn’t help herself.  Sometimes she just got bored.  One day Daddy would probably cut off her credit cards and she would have to marry … Continue reading