The archive will be closing down on the 18th February 2015


The domain name is due to expire on this date and as I no longer have the time, money or the inclination to continue with the maintenance of the archive the site will therefore be closing down.

Thank you to all the authors and contributors who have taken the time to make the archive the success that it has been over the years.






The WAM Story Archive contains stories with a wet and messy theme and while this web site DOES NOT contain any pornographic images or videos, it does contain some adult orientated literature. By reading the stories contained on this website you confirm that you are of a legal age at your location to view such material.


72 Responses to Welcome

  1. WindyDuskWindyDusk says:

    Thank you for maintaining the website for as long as you did. It has allowed me to explore my interests and creativity, and I honestly don’t know of any other way I could have done that.

  2. Pie PunkPie Punk says:

    Would just like to add my thanks, Dusty. It’s a pretty thankless task hosting a fetish website, but your hard work on the site, especially with the hacking and bandwidth problems, has been much appreciated.

    Good to see that it’s looking positive that the archive can continue in some sort of guise. I’d suggest everyone should make sure their they own stories are backed up sooner rather than later.

  3. Dave says:

    Dusty, if you haven’t gotten another offer, I would be more than glad to help host the website, as well as pay for the domain. I really enjoy this site, and I would hate to see it go under.

  4. NewwamstoryUMDNewwamstoryUMD says:


    Another website is VOlUNtEERINg!!! To take us and our work in!
    Ultimate messy directory!


    Everyone grab whatever copies of stories that you can and prepare to make the jump!

    If we all join and show all the interest as we are in here than we can survive!!!

    Hope lives!!!! 0 : )

  5. wetgalfanwetgalfan says:

    To fans of Darcie:
    I’m not sure how many she has left, but the series was going to pick back up again after The Slapstick Inn with stories revolving around her new friend Karen, and also the “anniversary party” alluded to during the last “wet wedding” series. I may go ahead and do them for my own amusement when the site shuts down. If anyone wants a copy, please email me at wetgalfan@yahoo.com .

  6. earthrod says:

    A Taste of Love, A Taste of Lust, chapter 3.
    Custardwam was asking about chapter 3 in this series. I have a copy, and have put the story back into the archive.

  7. Deeppan says:

    Sorry to hear the news but a huge thanks to Dusty for all your efforts in developing the archive. It will be missed :-(

  8. ensean says:

    Very late seeing this, on of the few times I haven’t checked the site frequently, deeply saddened. Thanks for all you’ve done!

  9. pieclown says:

    I sorry to read this. I have been enjoying the stories. I understand. I hope that you have a good day.

  10. wetgalfanwetgalfan says:

    Very sorry to hear that the site will be closing.

  11. Alex says:

    I’m very sorry to hear that Dusty. Like the others, I’m a frequent visitor!

    Have you been in talks with anyone about potentially taking over the site? Any ideas on the monthly bandwidth bills, etc?

  12. iMouse says:

    Sorry to hear about the closure of the archive.

  13. custardwam says:

    HI Dusty,

    I posted this news on the UMD to let others know and see if there was any way we could try and help save the site (thought of a fundraiser, etc??).

    The thread is here: http://umd.net/forums/topicid/457659

    Another user there has kindly offered to help out with hosting if this would be okay / better for you. I totally understand if you would just prefer to bow out but for the sake of the wonderful work you have done over the years would you consider moving / transferring the site over. If you feel the need to drop out completely then a call for site admins to shoulder the burden and move the site on may yield results (I would certainly be willing!)

    Here’s hoping that the archive can be saved!!!

  14. custardwam says:

    I am really sorry and sad to hear this news. This page is one of my most frequently visited websites and I eagerly await any updates.

    Unfortunately I am not in a position to be able to offer hosting or money but if there is anything I could do to help with keeping the site going I would be more than willing.

    It would be a real shame for the wamstoryarchive to be consigned to the dustbin of the internet.

  15. Black OperaBlack Opera says:

    I’ve got the drafts prepared for a new 5 part series I’ve done, but I can’t find the box to create a new series anywhere in the options.
    Have I missed something or is there a temporary glitch I need to wait for to be sorted out?

  16. Ken says:

    Sir: AS I was trying to post Aurora for the first time, I had a problem with the formatting. It posted everything without any paragraphs. Has anyone else had the same problem?

    Also I would like to know how I can improve my stories? Are they too long, to much information?

    Thank You,


  17. custardwam says:

    Hi Dusty,

    do you by any chance still have a copy of part 3 of the “A taste of love, a taste of lust” series?

    It would be much appreciated, if it needs formatting / tidying prior to publication I can do that if necessary,


  18. Pie PunkPie Punk says:

    Hi Dusty,

    I’m now being told I don’t have permission to add a new series, but I’ve managed it previously. Do you know why it’s doing this?

  19. clownsandpiesclownsandpies says:

    Hey Dusty Beard, I have the same problem as the previous poster, but I don’t think I have the access to edit my already posted stories. Could you change “Assisted Audition” to be the first story in the “Alliteration” series?

    And thanks for the awesome archive!

  20. custardwam says:


    have just registered and uploaded an older story sites for review. However, I appear to have messed up the ‘series’ numbering and cannot figure out how to change them, if you could do this / let me know how to, would be appreciated, Thanks

  21. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to read the stories that were on the old site about a hapless female burglar that breaks into a bakery, etc with messy results. VERY well written!!!

  22. Ken says:

    Dusty Bead Sir: With your permission sir I would like to trash all of the old Pauline stories. I went back and started to read them and realized they were garbage with many mistakes, and also they were way to long. I would like to repost them after I have corrected all the mistakes. The first series will be Pauline came for a visit. The next set of series will be Pauline’s new home and the last series will be The Wedding. I will wait for your reply before I repost any of them.

    Thank You Ken

  23. Fan says:

    Will you be putting up the excellent “Violet” series from the old site?

  24. Ken says:

    Sir: on some my stories I have posted I check the box for series, but when they appeared it does show them that way, could you please tell me what I doing wrong. so I fix it. Thank you ken

    • Dusty BeardDusty Beard says:

      Hi Ken, Did you add the chapter number after selecting the story series check box ?

      I’ve setup the series on the romp in the mud stories, to add the series links edit the first story, select the story series, (or add a new one) and enter the chapter number.

      Chapters have to be added in order, ie 1,2,3,4 otherwise the series counter can get confused.


  25. newpieguynewpieguy says:

    Hey, I finally got the profile to get up and running and submitted one of my old stories, but it’s been 2 weeks and nothing. Have you just been too busy to update?
    Guess these newest stories were submitted quite a while ago.

  26. squidge says:

    Hi, thanks for all the amazing work you do with this site, you’re amazing!
    I’ve re-uploaded all of mine, but do you, by any chance, have a copy of Rooms (Part 9)? It’s the only one I’ve lost. Thanks :) squidge

  27. Newpieguy says:

    Were you able to upload my old stories yet? I really do t have the time to change or edit them right now an I still can’t get this site to work right for me.


    • Dusty BeardDusty Beard says:

      Not had time to upload any, but many of the authors have done it themselves now anyway. Why can’t you get the site working ? Nobody else has reported any problems …

  28. kenneth says:

    Dusty sir: I am having a problem with posting;
    I must being doing something wrong because when I send a story to Wam Stories Archive it was placed in a pending file only and didn’t get posted. I do not now to send it directly to facebook web sight. When you have a chance would you please look at my web page.
    It is (WAM Anticpation) the one that is in lim-bo is a perfect holly-a-day. This was titled a perfect week. and made changes to and org. add series to the story under my own story name. I took Pauline’s name and started a new story line interlay with my own so without the first story the others will not make any sense. Ken thank you

    • Dusty BeardDusty Beard says:

      No stories are approved if they contain major spelling (the odd mistake is unavoidable), grammatical errors or uncategorised.

      You need to check the spelling and grammar on your story, particularly the last few paragraphs which make no sense when reading them.

      Once these are corrected it will be published.


      • Dusty Sir: Sorry about the mistake: Please remove the entire story posting completely: I will used Word to fix the spelling and grammar: also the punctuation. After that I will have my wife check tonight: If everything is fix I will repost it under the title of A Perfect week tomorrow: sorry again I hope to better next time: ken

  29. SimFan777 says:


    I tried to upload PSI episodes 1 and 2 the other day. It doesn’t look like either of them took; they aren’t listed in the “pending” or “approved” sections and I can’t find any of my drafts. Did I make a mistake?

  30. NPGNPG says:

    Hey, were you able to find all/any of mine?

  31. earthrod says:

    Thanks Dusty for rescuing/resurrecting this site. You’ve made my day.

  32. Dusty Beard Sir: I have over 100 WAM stories that I have printed out on paper The paper is old but you can still read the story, that were postage in the internet from the 90’s to early 2000, I have check on the web sight author and story title but the do excise, I would like to retype and post the on your web sight. The first II thinking about title A romp in the mud By Rachel from splatgrl @aol Is this Legal? Ken

    • Dusty BeardDusty Beard says:

      Hi, Providing you keep the authors name and email address on each story then I don’t see an issue. If the original author comes forward after you have posted it then the story can be attributed to them directly.

  33. Coolie48 says:

    Dusty are the web link comments (‘Homepage’) supposed to be there or did they get through the spam filter :/

  34. messyflyboymessyflyboy says:

    I too am starting to reload my stories. I have found all but one. As I get to that series I may need help from others who have a copy of it to help me upload.

  35. wetgalfanwetgalfan says:

    I’ve got everything up that I was going to get up for the time being. I have a couple of Darcie stories that really didn’t go over very well that I am going to rework before putting them back up. Thanks for the work to get this new site up. I really like it.

  36. Fender MikeFender Mike says:

    I’m happy to re-load mine. I’m holding off on re-registering for the site, as I don’t know if that’ll mess things up, per your earlier comment that we’ll get notices in the next few days. :)

    • Dusty BeardDusty Beard says:

      Hi, you can register yourself, when I get around to re-registering old users it will tell me you have already registered. It won’t mess anything up.


  37. KakeKid says:

    Glad to see that you are back up! Getting ready to add a new story to my HCBO series. Let me know if you need copies of the 6 that have already been released. Cheers!

  38. WindyDuskWindyDusk says:

    Glad to see the website return. Good job bringing it back!

  39. Fender MikeFender Mike says:

    Thank you for all of your time and effort in starting, maintaining, and keeping this site up and running. Much appreciated! :)

  40. Rich (custardpie)Rich (custardpie) says:

    Well done… Thanks for the effort you have put in. It is great to have the archive back!

  41. deeppandeeppan says:

    Great to see the archive has been resurrected!

  42. messy grumpy says:

    Thank you Dusty you have done a fantastic job to get things going again.


  43. Dal says:

    If it is an issue of time, I would be happy to donate time uploading on my days off.

  44. Dusty BeardDusty Beard says:


    @kenneth Thanks for the offer but I have a recent offline copy of the website, the issue is the time it takes to upload each story.

  45. Pie PunkPie Punk says:

    Fantastic effort! Well done on bringing the site back.

  46. kenneth greer says:

    Sir: I have a CD rom listing some of your stories and others author
    on your old sight. I will be more that to Mail the rom to you to help you recover your missing file, if you like. please let me know where to mail it to you if you like; ken

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