Taylor’s New Job Part 1

Part 1 of 7 in the series Taylor      

Taylor’s New Job: Part 1

            (This story takes place in the same “canon” as the Darcie series but is meant to stand alone.  I have established in the Darcie series that her sister Ashley is now in college and is a member of the same sorority Darcie belonged to.  This new series follows the exploits of one of her sisters, Taylor.  Part 1 will mostly establish the story and get wetter and messier with each installment.)


Taylor had been very impressed with the size of the estate when she pulled up.  She didn’t even realize that there were houses this big in this sleepy college town in East Texas.  She really hoped to make a good impression since she really needed this job.  Her parents had helped her as much as they could, but unlike a lot of sorority girls, Taylor didn’t come from “money” and she needed a lot more in order to pay for school next fall.


She had seen the job offer for a housekeeper posted on the school’s web site with the promise of “generous pay and benefits”.  Her “little”, Ashley, had encouraged her to go for it.  If it was the same place that Ashley’s friend from class worked, the pay was REALLY good according to her.  There were a few unusual conditions, but weren’t there always?  The strangest thing was that they had wanted a picture attached to her application she sent them via email.  Taylor asked Ashley to take it wearing one of her most conservative outfits.  They must have liked it since here she was awaiting an interview.


Taylor was twenty and going to be a junior next fall.  She was five-foot-seven with light brown, almost “dirty blond” hair, blue eyes and curves in all of the right places.  Taylor had arrived for the interview in a blue-flowered sleeveless wrap-around dress that cinched with a belt, nude hose and white pumps.  She’d spent an hour getting her hair to “wave” just right, but now she sat nervously in the living room of this big house waiting.


“Hello Taylor, I’m Joy,” A very pretty petite blond said as she entered the room.  She was wearing a blue satin skirt that seemed a little too high and a sleeveless pull-over light blue silk blouse that seemed a little too tight as it did little to hide the lacey pattern in her bra.  She was obviously wearing thigh-high stockings since the tops were just barely visible as she walked on black patent leather stilettos.  She wore thin-framed black plastic glasses and her hair was pulled down into a bun.  Taylor suppressed a laugh because Joy looked like a “sexy secretary” stripper who had been hired to perform at a birthday party for one of the guys in Sigma Kappa’s brother fraternity.  Something odd that struck Taylor was that her hair looked damp.


“I’m Mister Fox’s executive assistant,” she explained.  “Mister Fox really wanted to conduct this interview in person, but he was called to his office suddenly this afternoon.  Not to worry though, he’s given me full approval so if I like you, you’re in.  Let’s go to my office.”


The interview was pretty mundane and predictable at first with Joy asking Taylor about her past work experience.  Then it took a different turn.  Joy asked her if she would mind if once in a while she was asked to do something out of the ordinary.


“Mister Fox isn’t so much interested in your housekeeping experience as he is in your attitude,” Joy said.  “We can teach anyone to clean, but having the right attitude is sometimes more difficult.”


Taylor replied, “Well I think I have a very good attitude and I’m more than willing to learn anything special you want done around here.”


“I could tell that about you,” Joy responded.  “Mister Fox likes to keep the house staff rotating responsibilities so you might be cleaning one day and serving lunch the next.  We pretty much do whatever he asks.”


Joy went on, “He is also rather particular so every bit of your work uniform will be provided for you and you will receive plenty of them to cover any damage that might incur.”


“Damage?” Taylor asked perplexed.


“Mister Fox is what you might call ‘eccentric’,” Joy explained.  “He has a very strange sense of humor and part of our job, every one of us including me, is to be the ‘straight man’ for his little pranks and practical jokes.  It’s the reason he is willing to pay nearly three times what similar jobs elsewhere would pay and why we all often receive generous cash bonuses for being ‘a good sport’.  We also have free use of all of the facilities here at the house during our off hours including the pool, game room, tennis courts and home theater.”


How bad could his “little pranks” be?  Great pay, health insurance and getting to use all of his home’s luxuries for free – It sounded too good to be true.


“Well, I’m a pretty good sport,” Taylor said.  “Just ask my sisters how many times I got back up in the dunk tank during our spring fundraiser.”


“That’s exactly the kind of attitude I hoped you’d have,” Joy replied.  “I’m betting that you’re going to fit right in with us.  Suffice it to say you’ve got the job.  You’ll be full time during the summer and if you work out we’ll work with you around your school schedule if you want to stay on in the fall.  Let’s take a little tour now.”


Joy showed Taylor around.  Taylor noticed that the entire staff was female, under thirty years old and no one’s uniform covered much.  She met the other housekeepers.  Their outfits were one-piece black “French maid” dresses with a white lace ruffle around the collar that allowed for a lot of cleavage and another ruffle around the bottom of the dress.  The dress itself looked like thin cotton.  A matching maid’s headpiece with ruffled lace trim was worn on the head and there was a white lace apron.  The dresses were short, about as short as Joy’s skirt and when the ladies bent over, they showed off black lace boy shorts.  All of the housekeepers wore black nylon stockings with garters and black patent leather “Mary Jane” flats.  At least they were flats.  One usually found stilettos with such an elaborate outfit.


Joy took her to the kitchen and introduced her to the cooks wearing mini-skirts which looked like the top half of a chef’s uniform.  Outside, the grounds keepers had on pink “racer-back” tank tops with their thin black bra straps proudly exposed over their shoulders.  Denim mini-skirts and cute work boots completed their outfits.  The pool crew ran around in light blue cropped French-cut t-shirts and really tight cobalt blue stretch mini-skirts that left no part of their bottoms to the imaginations with white canvas deck shoes.  Taylor came to the conclusion that she would be dealing with a wanna-be Hugh Hefner who wanted to surround himself with beautiful women.  The knowledge that she “made the cut” and the very generous salary, which in her case was actually more than three times the going rate for housekeepers was enough to make her overlook any “silliness” that might be associated with this job.


The tour of the house left Taylor with some questions though.  There was a “formal dining room” for entertaining guests, but she was also shown another one where Mr. Fox usually took his meals when dining alone.  It had a simple dining set with a plastic table and chairs that looked like cheap patio furniture and the room was mostly simple tile and Formica.  It looked almost as if it was designed to be cleaned by hosing it down.  It also looked like the walls and ceiling actually had been hosed down recently.  Mr. Fox’s master suite had a bathroom with one of the most elaborate showers Taylor had ever seen.  She’d never seen so many faucets and massage jets.


“Let’s get you set up in the locker room and get your measurements for your uniforms,” Taylor said.


“You don’t mind stripping down to your skivvies to be measured; do you?” Taylor asked.  “Mister Fox likes to make sure we get the most accurate measurements we can.”


Taylor definitely wasn’t ashamed of her body, but as she undid her belt and the snaps holding her wrap-around dress together she said, “It seems like a lot of trouble for a simple housekeeper’s outfit.”


“Mister Fox likes all of our things to fit like a glove,” Joy replied, “even mine,” she added gesturing to her outfit.


Taylor slid the full slip she was wearing over her head and Joy measured her bust, waist, hips, inseam and shoe size.  “All of your things will be ready for you when you start on Monday,” Joy assured her.


“I’m looking forward to it,” Taylor replied, “but could I bother you for the restroom?”


“Of course!  It’s right through there,” Joy said.  “You’ll find you’ll be spending a lot of time in there, especially the showers.  We love our big showers.”


“Thanks,” Taylor said, wondering about the shower remark.  She went through the doorway and saw an immense shower/sink/toilet room.  On one side were door panels and slid out of one of them was a drying rack.  Hung over it was an outfit identical to the one Joy was wearing, except in mint green, bra and panties and hose.  There was also a housekeeper’s outfit.  Both were dripping wet and Taylor smelled the unmistakable smell of chlorine coming from them.  No mistake: Both of these outfits had been worn in the swimming pool.


Taylor took care of her business and then took one more glance at the wet clothes hanging there.  She rejoined Joy and as she was putting her dress back on said, “I’m not saying I won’t take the job, but these ‘practical jokes’ I have to put up with.  How far do they go?”


Joy paused and thought for a second.  “Not a lot at first,” she finally replied.  “Your uniforms may get ruined once in a while, but Mister Fox replaces them immediately.  However what I’m going to tell you from this point on is off the record; okay?”


“Sure,” Taylor replied.


“Some of what goes on around here would be considered ‘harassment’ elsewhere, but we know it’s all in fun,” Joy explained.  “We’re all very happy to entertain Mister Fox’s eccentricities because we’re compensated so well, and to tell you the truth, we’re all really, really fond of him.  As long as you put up with his joking around like a good sport, you’ll see raises and bonuses.  Some of us take it a little further than that and our bonuses are ‘adjusted’ accordingly.  Do you follow what I’m saying?”


“I think so,” Taylor replied.  The horny old guy liked to fool around apparently.  “But you still haven’t told me what his idea of joking around is.  Did he throw you in the pool?”


Joy glanced into the shower room, all of a sudden remembering her wet outfit and the housekeeper’s outfit hanging in there.  “Not exactly,” she replied.  “Look, if I tell you everything that’s going to happen, it will take the fun out of it for him.  He’s going to want to assess how good a sport you are when confronted with the unexpected.  Just relax and be ready for anything.  I know you’re going to enjoy yourself around here.


“Just one thing though,” she continued.  “If you decide that putting up with being the butt of a joke isn’t your thing, please just move on and don’t ruin it for the rest of us.  You know what I mean: sexual harassment claims and that sort of thing.”


“I promise,” Taylor replied.  “I just wish I knew what to expect.”


“Like I said, we all love it here,” Joy countered.  “You will too; I know it.”


“Well it sounds like it won’t be dull anyway.”


            Taylor arrived on Monday ready to start.  Joy greeted her wearing her trademark outfit, this time with a bright red skirt and pink sleeveless blouse.  Taylor finally got to meet Mr. Fox when Joy ushered her into his home office.


“I’m Curtis Fox,” he said extending his hand.  “Welcome to my household team.”


“I’m looking forward to starting today,” Taylor replied.  Mr. Fox was a little younger than she’d expected, maybe late-thirties.  Taylor couldn’t help but blush at the instant attraction she felt for her new boss.  He didn’t look like what she thought of as a dirty old man at all!


“I’m sure you are,” he said with a big smile, “and I bet I’ll be seeing lots of you later.”


When they had left the office, Taylor whispered to Joy, “What exactly did that mean?”


“It means he likes you,” Joy replied.  “He’s probably going to find a reason to give you a bonus.  That’s rare on a first day.”


Joy and Taylor went through the mounds of “first day paperwork” that any new job has and after about two hours, Taylor was ready to start.


“Let’s get you to the locker room and get you looking like a housekeeper,” Joy said as she ushered Taylor out of her office.


She gave Taylor her locker key and she opened the oversized unit.  There were twelve of the skimpy dresses on hangers, each with a headpiece attached, and in a small pull out drawer, twelve pairs of lace black boy shorts, twelve black lacey bras, twelve pairs of black nylon stockings and twelve garter belts.


“Why so many?” Taylor asked.


“You’ll find out soon that you need to be well-equipped around here,” Joy replied with a giggle.


The locker contained a shoe rack and placed on it were ten pairs of the Mary Jane flats and also ten pairs of sling-back black patent leather stiletto heels.


“I’ve seen the other girls wear the flats,” Taylor commented.  “What are the heels for, surely not for trying to clean?”


“Working parties – that sort of thing,” Joy replied.  “Oh, and other times whenever it suits Mister Fox.  Someone will let you know.  Now pick out a dress and get ready.  I’ll call Danielle and have her show you the ropes.”


Danielle, Amber thought.  That name sounded familiar.


Joy left Taylor to get dressed.  Her uniform felt much more like a costume when she had it on, but she couldn’t help but admit that it made her feel sexy.  Whatever Mr. Fox’s “thing” was, she was sure she could put up with it for the money they’d promised.  He wasn’t bad looking either.  She wondered why he felt he had to pay pretty women to be around him.  That was really what this was all about, wasn’t it?  This house had twice the staff it needed and he was overpaying all of them.  Well whatever it was, she’d find out soon enough.


Joy came back into the locker room just as Taylor was adjusting her maid’s headpiece.


“Danielle will be here in a second,” Joy explained.  “Oh, there’s one thing I forgot to mention.  If you need to replace of your clothes, just let me know.  Your measurements are on file and we can have anything replaced in two days.”


Another girl dressed identically to Taylor came through the door.


“You must be Taylor!” Danielle declared.


Now Taylor was sure she was familiar.  “I know you from somewhere,” she said.


“I’m Ashley Moore’s friend,” Danielle explained.  “She brought me to your spring mixer hoping I’d pledge with you next year.”


“That’s it!” Taylor said.  “She said a friend worked here and loved it.”  Always a recruiter she asked, “What about pledging?”


“Maybe.  If we get to be good friends this summer, that will go a long way.”


“I’ll leave her in your hands to get started,” Joy said.


“There isn’t that much to this,” Danielle explained.  “We do simple cleaning and there are way more of us than we need.  We have to suffer through Mister Fox’s ideas of ‘pranks’ but for what he pays, I’d do practically anything.  Oh, and each day he picks one of us to serve him lunch.  That’s always a blast!”


“Serving his lunch is a blast?” Taylor asked suppressing a giggle.


“You’ll find out soon enough,” Danielle replied.  “C’mon; let’s start with the living room.”


They cleaned and vacuumed the living room and then the TV room.  “Hey, the day shift always sticks around to play in the pool on Monday’s,” Danielle explained.  “You want to come today?”


“I didn’t bring a swimsuit,” Taylor replied.


“Swimsuit?  That’s so cute,” Danielle shot back but offered no further explanation.


Danielle continued to show Taylor the day’s cleaning chores.  Of course with two other housekeepers working, they didn’t make it to every room.  They were chatting after lunch in the house staff’s break room when Joy popped in.


“Taylor, change into some sling-backs,” she said.  “Mister Fox needs our help out by the pool.”


“Okay,” Taylor replied sounding bemused.  Why would she need to wear sling-back stiletto heels to help Mr. Fox by the pool?


She went to her locker and swapped her flats for the sling-backs and returned to join Joy.  They walked out to the pool and found Mr. Fox sitting under the awning in a patio chair.


“I brought Taylor just like you asked,” Joy informed him.


“Super!” he replied.  “I need you two to help me.  Look at all of those leaves on the bottom of the pool and the pool crew is nowhere to be found!”


Taylor was sure she’d just seen them in the break room, but she noticed Joy’s obvious eye roll at his remark.  Maybe this was part of his strange sense of humor…and her chance for a first-day bonus.  Why else would he ask specifically for his newest housekeeper and his executive assistant?


“Can you two get that pool cleaned up for me?” he asked.


“Sure!” Taylor spoke up.  “Do you have a skimmer or a pool vacuum?”


Joy snorted out a laugh and shook her bowed head.


“Maybe you’d better show her how we clean up the pool, Joy.” Mr. Fox said.


Joy beamed a great smile at her boss as if he’d just offered her a huge sum of money and started walking toward the pool.  It had an eight-foot deep end and she walked straight over to the edge and without hesitating a second, threw her arms out in front of her to dive off the edge, outfit, glasses, shoes and all.  Taylor instinctively headed toward the edge to see what was going on.  Joy had swum to the bottom and was grabbing some of the leaves.  She pushed herself off the bottom and swam for the top, kicking with her stiletto heels.  She came up right by the edge where Taylor was standing and dropped the handful of leaves on the pool deck.


“You see; we find it’s much more efficient if we give it the personal touch,” Joy said.  She pulled the clips from her bun and let her soaking wet blond hair fall.  She shook it out and then leaned her head back and dunked her hair back in the water.  “Don’t worry,” she added; “the water feels great and there’s plenty down here for you!”


Joy flipped backwards off the  side and went back under again.  Her lacy red bra was totally visible through the sheer silk blouse just before she vanished under the water.  Her blouse was so sheer that Taylor could see her bra through it even as she swam under water.  So this was what Joy meant by “eccentric”.


Taylor looked over her shoulder at Mr. Fox who was smiling back at her.  She looked at the pool again and Joy was back on the bottom grabbing leaves.  Wondering how much of a bonus this was worth, Taylor took a step forward and dove in, uniform, shoes and all, just as Joy had and passed her coming up as she swam toward the bottom.  Joy gave her a “thumbs up” as they passed each other.  She had been right.  The water felt wonderful compared to standing in the hot East Texas summer sun in a black maid’s dress.  Taylor reached the bottom and grabbed leaves for as long as her air would hold out and headed back toward the surface.  She came up next to Joy who was hanging onto the side and talking to Mr. Fox.


“Wow!’ he said,  “You didn’t take any coaxing at all!  I love a girl who is not afraid to throw herself into her work.”


“Or into the pool I’ll bet,” Taylor said with a girlish giggle.  If he was willing to pay her the kind of money he was paying her, making her get all wet was nothing.  And an impromptu swim, even a fully clothed one, did feel good this  hot afternoon.


“For starters,” he said with a grin.


“C’mon,” Joy said; “there’s still plenty of work to do!” and flipped herself backward again.  Taylor giggled at Mr. Fox, gave him a “toodle loo” wave with her fingers and flipped backwards herself.  She’d been in the water before with her clothes on, but it usually was at a party or something like that.  This was different though.  Despite being told to jump in by her boss, there was something a little naughty about swimming in her work outfit, especially since she’d just started working here a few hours ago.


She and Joy made a couple more trips to the bottom and were nearly done when Mr. Fox stopped them.  “It looks like the breeze might blow what you have piled up there back in,” he said.  “Why don’t you both get out and take what you have so far over to the trash.”


Joy looked at Taylor, rolled her eyes and snickered.  She swam for the ladder and Taylor was right behind her.  Joy’s lacey red bra was totally visible under the sheer pink silk blouse once she was out of the water and she acted as if walking around in her wet clothes was perfectly natural.  Joy’s skirt was already tight, but wet, her blouse clung like a second skin as did Taylor’s maid’s dress.  Water rolled off of Joy’s skirt hem and Taylor’s dress hem in streams as they walked over to where they had the leaves piled. Taylor had never worn wet dress shoes before and she giggled at the squelching noises their feet made as they walked.  She also wasn’t prepared for the way the wet dress caressed her legs like a lover would when she walked.  It got the same reaction from her private regions too!  Maybe that was why the ladies here didn’t mind Mr. Fox’s “practical jokes”.  They gathered the leaves and walked together to the trash can in the corner.


“He wanted to look at us when we’re all wet,” Joy said quietly.  “Hey!  You wanna dive off the board to go back in?  He loves that.”


“I’ll race you!” Taylor replied.


Letting Taylor get a head start, Joy said, “I knew you were going to fit in here.”


Running across the deck in high heels wasn’t easy, but it must have been comical as Mr. Fox was cracking up at the two of them rushing for the board.  Taylor got there first and did a little hop off the end to dive in.  She came up and saw Joy, who obviously had some practice doing this in heels, turn her back to the water and do a back flip dive.  They dove under together and headed for the bottom again.  Taylor was really beginning to enjoy swimming this way.  It seemed so decadent to purposely jump in dressed for work and to ruin the really nice shoes just minutes after first putting them on.  Her lady parts started to tingle even more.


Three more trips to the bottom and the ladies had removed all of the leaves.  Taylor giggled at her own sexy reaction to walking in the wet dress.  She could get used to this.  What other job could she have a break in the pool in the middle of the afternoon?  And why did she keep staring at Joy walking in her soaked outfit?  She couldn’t take her eyes off of her pretty blond, bedraggled boss.


“I believe we have them all, sir,” Joy announced.


“I’d better inspect it myself,” Mr. Fox said.  Joy motioned for Taylor to stand next to her by the deep end with their backs to the water.


“It looks good,” Mr. Fox said leaning over the pool and inspecting the bottom, “but I’d appreciate you both making one last sweep.”


He gave Joy’s shoulders a shove and she felt backwards like a stiff board.  Taylor saw the blissful smile on her face as she fell and went under, as if being pushed into the pool all dolled up for work was a privilege.


Mr. Fox stepped over and faced Taylor.  “You don’t mind me sending you back into the pool one more time; do you, Taylor?” he asked with a big grin.  He was taking in all that he could of his new, very wet employee and appearing to approve what he saw.  Taylor involuntarily thrust her shoulders back and her chest out to accentuate how the clinging wet garment highlighted her natural curves and the outline of the lacey bra under it.  Why was she getting so turned on by him seeing her all wet?


“Of course not, sir,” she responded.  “It would be my pleasure!”  She didn’t understand why her pulse was increasing.  She wanted, no, needed him to shove her in.


“That’s my girl,” he said, and gave her shoulders a shove.  Taylor tried to keep her body straight like Joy had.  Joy’s blissful smile was contagious and Taylor couldn’t help but have one of her own as she fell backwards to splash back into the pool.  She did indeed feel privileged, no more than that; she felt sexy to be singled out along with Joy to entertain her boss like this.  It was a very strange euphoria.  Taylor had never experienced a feeling like this.  She should feel humiliated, but she was elated that her boss approved of her “work”.  She had felt a sexual rush when he shoved her in and she hoped he found an excuse to do it again.


Taylor and Joy dove down to the bottom of the deep end and swam along it side-by-side, coming up once for air, and eventually making it all the way to the stairs in the shallow end.


“Give him a big smile as we come out slowly and don’t take your eyes off of him,” Joy whispered.


Taylor didn’t  have to try too hard to smile.  She was practically giddy by the experience.  Mr. Fox’s expression gave away that he really liked the view from where he was.  Taylor was really hoping he’d find some other excuse to send them back into the pool.  This was fun!


“No leaves, Mr. Fox,” Joy reported.  She stepped out of the water and led Taylor to their boss, walking heel-to-toe and wiggling their hips.  Taylor giggled at her dress caressing her legs through the wet stockings again and the squelching sound of their wet heels.


“Very good; thank you so much, ladies,” he replied.  “Now, I’ll let you get back to your regular duties.


Judging from what Taylor had seen so far, this was one of Joy’s regular duties.


“Thank you, Mr. Fox.  It was our pleasure,” Joy said.


She gestured to Taylor and the two dripping, bedraggled drowned rats turned, doing their same “girly walk” away from Curtis Fox.  Joy was toward the pool and Taylor noticed that she was almost going out of her way to pass close to it.


“Push me in,” Joy whispered as they walked right next to it.


The wicked temptation had already occurred to Taylor on her own.  She reached up and gave Joy’s arm a shove and sent her toppling back into the pool with a loud shriek.  Taylor heard Mr. Fox snicker behind her.


“Well THAT was uncalled for!” Joy mocked, trying very hard to look pissed and not give in to laughing.  “Now reach down her and help me out!”


Joy was hanging onto the side not four feet from the ladder.  Her wanting help could only mean one thing.  Taylor bent over and took Joy’s outstretched hand and went limp when Joy braced herself against the side and yanked Taylor in.  Taylor mimicked Joy’s shriek, more out of amusement than surprise.  She so much wanted to stay in here.  It felt so good!  The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Mr. Fox had shoved her in.  Both of them popped their heads up, giggling.


“That’s my girls,” Curtis Fox said.  “You just can’t stay out of the water; can you?”


“It feels so good in here,” Taylor admitted.


“Well it’s Monday so you’ll get another chance,” he replied, “but I’m sure there’s work to be done somewhere.”


Both ladies exchanged sheepish grins and swam for the ladder.  Taylor climbed up first and saw that Mr. Fox wasn’t trying to hide that fact that he was staring at her wet, clinging dress.  Joy followed and he was really focused on her soaking wet, sheer top and tight skirt.  Joy ushered Taylor though a door off the patio that she hadn’t seen before.


“This is the back hall entrance to the locker room,” Joy explained.  “This way we don’t drip through the house.”


“I take it someone finds a way to end up in the pool every day,” Taylor joked.


“Every day of swimming season,” Joy replied.  “Sometimes more than once.”


“So that’s what you meant by ‘eccentric’.”


“Partially,” Joy said.  “You haven’t seen anything yet.  He always starts new girls off slow.  However I am surprised that he brought you out here on your first day.  That sometimes scares girls off.”


“I told you I’m a good sport,” Taylor quipped.


“Well I could tell he was really happy with the way you reacted,” Joy said.  “You just keep acting like that no matter what he does and you’ll find the bonuses will start piling up.  Now let’s get showered up and changed.”


Joy and Taylor each got in a shower.  They were individual, but only separated by clear glass walls so one could see the person next to her.  Joy turned on the water and got under it, glasses, shoes and all.  Taylor followed her lead.  Showering fully clothed for work seemed even naughtier than swimming.


“Your dress and underwear should be fine,” Joy said.  “They’re usually good for a few dunkings in the pool before they start to fade.  Just rinse them well in there before you get undressed.  Your shoes and stockings are likely ruined so I’ll put you in for new ones.  Bet you never thought you’d ever wear a pair of eighty-dollar sling-backs for a dip in the pool!”


Wow!  He had to be loaded to just give her all of those shoes and purposely ruin a pair that he had requested she change into.  He was footing the bill so what did she care?


Joy grabbed a bottle of shampoo and started to wash her hair still dressed.  Taylor figured “when in Rome” and followed suit.  There was something about the way the shampoo ran down her clingy maid’s dress that affected Taylor in her private regions even more than walking around with the wet material rubbing against her stockings.  It was aggravated by the sight of Joy letting the lather run over her outfit too.  She started to rub the stuff into the fabric and lather it up even more.  Taylor wasn’t one to play with herself, but if she’d been in here alone…


“Lather it up into your dress,” Joy said.  “It’ll help get the chlorine out.”


It’ll help give me an orgasm without touching myself, Taylor thought when she felt the sensation of lathering up her dress.


Joy finally pulled the sleeveless blouse over her head and unzipped and dropped her skirt.  Taylor followed her lead.


“I usually get undressed before I get in the shower,” Taylor said with a giggle.


“Just think of it as experiencing a little variety,” Joy replied.


Joy lathered her bra, panties and stockings.  Taylor did the same to her lingerie.  Damned if this wasn’t making her so horny she could barely stand it.  She squeezed out a generous portion of shampoo and rubbed it over the front of her panties and slid a finger up and down over her private region when she thought Joy wasn’t looking.  The lacey boy shorts were a bit of an insulator, but she was still able to enjoy herself.


Joy giggled and Taylor suddenly realized that she wasn’t as careful as she thought and yanked her hand away.


“Oh, don’t let me interrupt, sweetie,” Joy said with a slight snicker.  “Mister Fox’s little eccentricities have that effect on most of us once in a while.  It’s another reason why we all love working here.”


“I’m okay,” Taylor replied with an embarrassed snicker, although it was obvious Joy had had the same experience and temptation more than one time before.


They finished their showers and peeled out of their wet stockings and underwear.  Joy pulled out one of the drying racks and they hung their clothes over it.  Joy appeared to be in no hurry to dress again.  Of course, she had a body that she probably enjoyed people seeing, and Taylor enjoyed seeing it.  Taylor had been raised to be modest, but if Joy didn’t mind showing off her assets to her, she was determined to return the favor.


“You’ve got a great body,” Joy remarked, making Taylor blush.


“Thanks, you do too,” was all Taylor could choke out.  Joy was grinning at her and was she checking her out top to bottom?


Joy stood naked in front of the mirror and picked up a blow drier.  Taylor wondered if Joy had any idea how turned on Taylor was getting.  Taylor stepped up and began blow-drying her hair too.  After her hair was done, Joy finally got a pair of leopard-print boy shorts and a matching bra out of her locker.  Relieved that Joy was finally getting dressed, and at least for now hiding some of the body that was confusing the hell out of a usually hetero Taylor, she went to her own locker and retrieved another black lace underwear set and black stockings.  They did their makeup in their underwear before finally dressing completely.  Taylor’s outfit was identical to the one she’d just taken off of course, except that she put the flat Mary Jane’s on again.  Joy’s was the same pattern but this time with a bright orange mini-skirt and a pale orange silk sleeveless pull-over blouse.


“Thanks to Mister Fox, we’ve only got about an hour left,” Taylor said.  “You staying for our Monday pool party?”


“I told Danielle that I didn’t bring my suit because I didn’t know,” Taylor replied.


“Suit!  That’s so cute!” Joy echoed Danielle’s comment.  She threw her arms out and bent one knee out.  “We’re already wearing our suits, silly!”


“You mean Mr. Fox doesn’t care if we all wreck our outfits?” Taylor asked with a perplexed smile.


“Whose idea do you think the pool parties were?” Joy replied.  “He’ll be out there enjoying everyone’s ‘scenery’ as much as he did the two of us.  You’ll really score some major brownie points if you’re out there strutting your stuff soaking wet again.”


“So we’re basically paid to run around in wet clothes for him,” Taylor said, with just a hint of sarcasm.


“That’s kind of the start of it,” Joy replied.  “You’ll find out what all he requires of us and how far beyond that we can take it if we want to soon enough.  That doesn’t scare you off; does it?”


Taylor smiled an earnest smile.  “I don’t scare easily,” she replied.  “And sorry if I sounded a little snarky just then.  I really had a good time cleaning the pool with you.  If every day is like today, I’m going to love working here.  It’s just that I’ve never been paid to be a ‘playboy bunny’ before.”


Joy giggled and said, “It’s okay.  It was new to all of us once.  Like I said last week, those of us who stick around all grow really fond of him.  I bet you didn’t know that the girl you replaced only lasted two days.”




“Really.  Mister Fox pulled the ‘clean the pool’ stunt on her on the second day and she freaked when she saw him looking at her clingy uniform,” Joy said.


“I’ve gotten mad at guys for a lot of things,” Taylor began, “but never just for looking.  I sort of like to be noticed.”


Joy replied, “You’ll find you have that in common with most everyone else here.  She fooled me when I interviewed her, but I know that you’re genuine.  You are simply going to love it here.


“Now,” Joy continued, “I’ve got a few things to finish before quitting time, assuming Mister Fox doesn’t find anything else for me to do.  Why don’t you find Danielle and see if you can assist her until then and I hope I’ll see you at the pool again later.”


“Oh, I promise; you will,” Taylor replied.  Mr. Fox making both of them go in the pool dressed had really turned her on.  She didn’t know why it had, but she wanted to experience her uniform soaking wet again.


Danielle was dusting when Taylor found  her.  Nothing was really dusty.  She was just keeping busy.


“Everyone knows we have more people here than we need,” she explained.  “Especially in the afternoon when the day crew and the evening crew overlaps.  Sometimes we just keep busy until time to quit and sometimes Mister Fox will find something special for us to do.”


“Like cleaning leaves out of the pool by hand?” Taylor asked with a snicker.


“It’s one of his favorites,” Danielle replied.  “No one’s sure how they seem to get in there nearly every day.”


At the end of their shift, Danielle said, “Let’s go change shoes.  I love swimming wearing high heels!”


Taylor’s wide-eyed smiling expression said, “I can’t believe you said that,” but she tagged right along behind Danielle back to the locker room.


“Check your mail box,” Danielle suggested.


Taylor opened the box in the door of her locker and there was an envelope with her name hand-written on the outside.  Inside was a note and two crisp twenty-dollar bills.  The note read: “Congratulations on your first bonus for being such a good sport this afternoon.  I hope you had as much fun cleaning the pool with Joy as I had watching both of you.  I hope we’ll see you out there again this afternoon.  C. Fox  P.S. You’re very pretty when you’re soaking wet!”


Forty dollars wasn’t exactly a fortune, but cash was cash and she was getting paid at the time anyway.  Joy had told her that it was only the beginning.  This was going to be a fun experience.  Then there was Mr. Fox’s postscript.  It really “puffed” Taylor up for him to say something like that.  It really made her look forward to the pool party even more.


Taylor looked down at the Mary Jane flats she was wearing.  “I bet I’d be the only one out there wearing them if I left them on,” she said to herself.  She let out a silly, girlish giggle and grabbed another pair of sling-back stilettos from her locker.


“Awesome,” Danielle said when she saw that Taylor had changed shoes.


“He won’t care that we put these on just to jump in the pool?” Taylor inquired.


“He only provides the flats because he knows we need sensible shoes to be able to work,” Danielle explained.  “You’ll catch on that whenever we do anything personally for him, especially if he’s going to mess us up, he wants us in heels.  He’s the boss!  Just wait until we serve him lunch!”


Joy was coming out of her office, still in the orange version of her outfit.  “Still coming swimming, Taylor?”


“You bet!” Taylor replied.


“So what did you think of your first day now that it’s over?” Joy asked.


“Who wouldn’t like working here?” Taylor replied.  I got to goof off in the pool this afternoon while getting paid and even made an extra bonus!”


“It’s still plenty hot out there,” Joy said.  “Let’s go jump in and show off our wet assets some more.”


They stepped out to the pool and the party was already in full swing.  The two cooks, Alice and Connie, were standing in the shallow end splashing the heck out of each other, their “chef’s hats” drooping from being drenched.  The grounds keepers, Carrie and Megan, were together in their tank tops and mini-skirts on a double-sized air mattress, having traded their work boots for blue stiletto heels and Jennifer and  Kris, the pool girls, were swimming laps in their mini-skirts and crop shirts.  The other two daytime maids, Debbie and Kirsten, were sitting and talking with Mr. Fox, their uniforms clinging to them like second skins and dripping water onto their sling-back stilettos.  His t-shirt and cargo shorts were all wet too.  He’d obviously been in the pool himself.


“Hi, Taylor!” he shouted, raising a hand “hello”.  “How was the first day?  At least after I made you go swimming!”


“That was the best part!” Taylor shot back with a big smile.  The attraction to Mr. Fox was uncanny.  He had a natural magnetism that made you like him and want to please him.  No wonder Joy said they were all really fond of him.  Who wouldn’t be?


“Joy, you picked a winner this time!” he said to his executive assistant.


“Thank you so much, sir,” she replied.


More quietly she said to Taylor and Danielle.  “Look how he’s watching us.  Don’t just dive in.  Remember how we teased him coming slowly up the steps?  We’ll all three go in that way.”


Mr. Fox followed them with his gaze as they stepped around the pool to the shallow end and the stairs.  Joy was the first to drench another pair of heels as she stepped gingerly down the steps, holding the rail and watching Mr. Fox.  Danielle was next and Taylor followed her.  She felt her pulse begin to race again at the sensation of water filling her shoes and the wetness creeping up her stockings as she descended each step.  She kept her gaze on the very pleased-looking Mr. Fox, but glanced toward the ladies in front of her.  Joy was already wading into the pool.  The top of her orange mini-skirt was still dry, but the bottom half was under water and made a dark contrast to the  dry.  Taylor had never before felt any attraction to other women.  Oh, she’d noticed them often enough, but what she felt when she saw Joy purposely entertaining Mr. Fox by wrecking her clothes was real attraction.  Of course she still liked men; she had already admitted a strong initial attraction to her new boss.  It was most of the reason why she was so eager to wreck herself to entertain him, but what was going on in her head?


She was still working her way slowly down the stairs as all of this went through her mind.  The water lapped at the bottom of her dress and she took another step deeper.  Diving in earlier was totally different.  It felt sensual to her somehow then, but this was SO MUCH better!  Her dress lifted and floated higher with each deeper step.  She noticed Danielle’s doing the same thing.  Being cotton, they weren’t stretched tightly like Joy’s skirt.  Taylor stepped off the last step and the warm pool water soaked her lacey boy shorts.  Taylor had to gasp.  Why did she love this so much?  She began to follow her two new friends across the bottom of the pool.  She made no attempt to shove her dress down under the water and once she hit waist-deep, she gave Mr. Fox, whose gaze was on her at the time, another “toodle loo” wave and glanced down at her dress.  She gave him a silly “Oops!” gesture with her hand up to her cheek as if she was noticing the dress riding up for the first time.  Mr. Fox snickered.


Joy stopped when the water was up to her stomach and turned.  “Danielle, you know what to do,” she said.  Danielle and Joy turned to face Mr. Fox with Danielle on Joy’s right and their arms over each other’s shoulders.  “Taylor, you get on my other side,” Joy told her.


“Okay, down slowly, all the way under and back up slowly,” Joy instructed.


The three girls bent their knees and slowly slipped all the way under.  Taylor felt her hair floating freely and couldn’t help how turned on she was by Joy’s body sliding against hers under the water.  She couldn’t believe this feeling.  She couldn’t make up her mind what was turning her on more: Joy, entertaining Mr. Fox or simply being all wet in her housekeeping uniform again.


Joy led them back up to above the surface again.  Taylor felt the water running down her face and off of the ends of her drenched, slicked-down hair.  The top of her soaking wet dress was stuck tightly to her body, giving off a perfect outline of her tits supported by the equally soaked low-slung lacey bra.


“Time to blow our boss kisses,” Joy suggested.  Taylor glanced down now that Joy was totally soaked again.  Like earlier, the sheer silk blouse practically disappeared and left Joy with an orange tint over her skin and the drenched leopard-print bra.  Of all the outfits, only the maids’ didn’t have some sheer component showing off what was underneath, but Joy’s was the worst, or best of all, depending on how you looked at it.  Taylor surmised Joy definitely thought the latter.


The girls dropped their arms from around each other’s shoulders and blew kisses at Mr. Fox.  Joy started rubbing her arms up and down the sides of her soaked transparent blouse and gasping a bit each time her hands ran over the sides of her tits.  Taylor stared at her, mesmerized.  She had never once that she could recall ever had a fantasy that involved another woman, but she saw herself for that moment naked on her back under a naked Joy inverted on top of her in a classic “69” position, gleefully and enthusiastically shoving their tongues into each other’s pussies, lapping up juices and bringing the other to a powerful orgasm.  Taylor continued to stare and caress herself through her drenched dress.


She was shocked from her daydream from the realization that Joy had “caught” her.  Joy was grinning at her.  “Caught ya,” she said with a girlish giggle and puckered up her lips at Taylor.  Joy seemed to enjoy Taylor’s eyes locked on her.


Danielle pulled away and began to splash Joy and Taylor.  They both squealed and started splashing back and soon it became a three-way battle and then a free-for-all when Joy knocked Carrie and Megan off the raft and everyone else joined in.  Mr. Fox grabbed both Debbie and Kirsten around the waist and swept them into the pool.  Wet chaos followed with lots of splashing, dunking and screaming.  The air mattress was still in the water and it became the focus of a game of “queen of the mountain”.  Someone would climb up and claim it as her own and the rest of the ladies would unceremoniously dump her off.  Taylor made several attempts at “queen”, gleefully finding herself pulled, shoved or flipped off each time, often getting an anonymous squeeze on her ass or tits.


That led to the “wet fashion show” with each girl climbing out of the pool and using the diving board as a runway to show off how her soaking clothes clung to her curves, were sheer enough to let everyone enjoy what was underneath or both.  Then she either jumped or dove off the board back into the water.


Taylor dripped her way down the board with her housekeeper’s dress stuck to her body.  She really just wanted the chance to walk around and feel her wet clingy dress rubbing against her legs and stockings again.


“Do a back flip!” Danielle yelled.  Jumping high enough was difficult in high heels, but Taylor tried it.  She didn’t get enough height and hit the water too early to get herself completely straight, but no one was grading her.  This afternoon was strictly for fun.


Taylor tripped over something and looked down to find one of the cook’s skimpy uniforms submerged at her feet.  She looked up and saw Connie, clad in the same kind of black lacey boy shorts and low-slung bra she was wearing, stepping off the ladder and heading for the diving board.  Carrie and Megan pulled themselves up onto the side and together yanked their tank tops over their heads, dropped their skirts and threw everything into the center of the pool to let it sink.


Joy was watching the strip tease going on with what looked to Taylor to be a lusty grin on her face.  Taylor began to wonder if it was really necessary for her to strip down to get accurate measurements for uniforms after she was hired, or if Joy just wanted a good look at her.


“Does everyone strip to their underwear?” Taylor asked Joy.


“Only if you want to,” Joy replied, “but if you don’t…”  Joy paused to yank her sheer blouse, that wasn’t hiding anything when it was wet anyway, over her head and let it sink.  “…you’ll be the only one who doesn’t!”  Joy unzipped her skirt and let it drop, and then did a little forward flip to dive under and kick her leopard print boy shorts, thigh-high nylons and stiletto heels out of the water.


Taylor looked around and realized that she was the last one still in her uniform.


“Let’s see some skin, Taylor!” Danielle yelled from the diving board in her black lace bra, boy shorts, garter and black stockings before she cannon-balled back into the pool.


“TAYLOR!  TAYLOR!” started the chant.


She giggled and climbed up the pool ladder.  With everyone else in the water chanting her name, she got up on the diving board and walked out to the end.  She looked at Mr. Fox who had anticipation written all over his face.  It was just her underwear.  It’s not like she’d be naked, although Taylor wasn’t sure that wasn’t next.


She grabbed her headpiece and flung it into the pool.


“YAY!” was the response from the semi-naked female swimmers.


Taylor grabbed the collar of her dress and pulled it away, making a gesture to it with her eyes to the women in the pool.


“YEAH!” they yelled in unison.  “DRESS!  DRESS!”


She reached behind and untied her apron and dropped it into the water.


“DRESS!  DRESS!” the chanting continued.


Finally, Taylor reached down and grabbed the hem and yanked the one-piece mini-dress over her head in one motion.  Left in her bra, panties, garter, stockings and heels, she rolled it into a wet ball and tossed it into the crowd who let it sink with the collection of their clothes.


“YAY!” they cheered, clapping and whistling.  Taylor glanced at Mr. Fox who was clapping too.


She threw her arms out in front of her and dove off the board back into the pool.  The absurdity of the situation wasn’t lost on her.  She had just started this job today and now here she was having an underwear pool party with all of her co-workers while their boss sat watching them like a doting patriarch.  Still she was thoroughly enjoying herself.  The wet lace and stockings caressed her skin as she swam under water and came up by Joy and Danielle.


“I told you, you were going to fit in just fine,” Joy told her.


“This is the greatest job in the world,” Taylor admitted.


“Just wait until you’re really given some ‘responsibility’ around here,” Danielle said.  “Then it gets really fun!”


The women started heading out of the pool after an hour or so to get ready to go home.  Taylor and Joy were two of the last ones coming up the steps letting Mr. Fox get one last gaze at their wet lingerie when he said, “Just look at the mess you ladies left in there – clothes everywhere!”


“I’ll get it, Mr. Fox!” Taylor offered and started to turn around to get back in the water.


“Don’t be silly!” he replied.  “That’s what the evening shift is for!”  He dialed his phone and when someone answered said, “Lynette, Carlita, the pool is full of the day shift’s clothes again.  Please clean it out.”


“You ladies are my guests after hours,” he said.  “I wouldn’t dream of making you pick those up, and the evening girls will resent you taking away their excuse to get in the pool.”


Two very pretty women, a petite brunette with thin-framed glasses and a long-legged Latina girl, both in maid’s uniforms and sling-back stilettos, came from the house, waved and smiled at Taylor, Joy and Curtis Fox and just like Joy had that afternoon, without a moment’s hesitation dove off the edge of the deep end into the pool to swim down and gather up the discarded clothes.


“Good night, Taylor,” Curtis Fox said.  “I’m looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow.”


“I’m looking forward to coming back and having more fun at work tomorrow,” Taylor replied.


Danielle was waiting for them by the pool door that led to their lockers.  It was crowded in the locker room so all three of them shared a shower to wash their hair and rinse off.  It was all Taylor could do to keep from rubbing the soapy shampoo over Joy’s tits as it dripped from her head.  They all put on their own underwear and combed out their wet hair before getting dressed.  They seemed to have similar taste in “civilian” clothes.  They were all three wearing camisole tank tops, stretch cotton mini-skirts and strappy sandals.


“See?  You even fit in around her off hours,” Joy joked.


Danielle gave Taylor a big hug and kissed her cheek.  “See you tomorrow!” she beamed.


Joy did the same,  Taylor was shocked at her urge to kiss both of them on the lips.  What was happening to her?  “We’re going to be great friends, sweetie,” Joy told her.  “There are the girls who do this because they get paid and there are the ones who do whatever Mr. Fox asks because they love it.  That’s who Danielle and I are and I can see right now that you are too!”


Taylor gave Joy another hug and headed out to her car.  Her head was spinning from all of the wild sensations she’d felt that day.  She’d felt attracted to her male boss and her female co-workers at the same time.  She’d been forced to do things that she should have thought were humiliating, but instead she longed for more.  She still didn’t even know how much more she was going to be asked to do, but she was sure she was coming back and was looking forward to it.  The only thing she was sure of was what she was about to do.  As she waited for the big gate to open at the end of Mr. Fox’s driveway, she reached into her skirt and pulled her bikini panties down and off her legs.  Driving away and risking an accident, she reached up her skirt again and went back to what she’d wanted to do all afternoon.


Note from Wetgalfan: If you don’t like straight wetlook, or you don’t like PG-13 rated stories, just stick around.  This series is just getting started.

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